Trans Groups Alliance Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Trans Groups Alliance Strategic Plan 2023-2027

TENI and the Trans Groups Alliance are delighted to publish the Trans Groups Alliance Strategic Plan 2023-2027. The Trans Groups Alliance (TGA) is a partnership developed between TENI and various trans peer support and social groups in Ireland. The plan was developed using a collaborative approach between all existing members and sets out the TGA’s vision and goals for the years ahead. 

As TENI’s Community Development Officer Lilith Ferreyra-Carroll states in her introduction “The purpose of this strategic plan is to bring all our unique groups together to set out a common vision encompassing our shared goals and ideals, which establishes standards that we all aspire to, while respecting the individual identities and autonomy of all of our members.”

The TGA’s vision strives “for a world where all trans people can live freely, openly and authentically, are no longer isolated or marginalised, and where minorities within our community are at the forefront and empowered.” The plan consists of five goals to be worked towards over the coming years covering group policies, capacity building, resource sharing as well as commitments to building resilience, community and friendship for trans people in Ireland. As Lilith concludes “This plan we hope will act as a resource and template for any trans group that wishes to become part of the TGA beyond the realm of peer support such as creative, sporting and social groups for example. We also hope that this resource can be helpful for community groups beyond our community and beyond these shores.

TENI would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who contributed to the making of this strategic plan. We are continuously in awe of all the incredible support and work that the volunteers who make up the Trans Groups Alliance give day in and day out across Ireland. You are a credit to our community!

Full TGA strategic plan can be accessed by clicking here