Transvestite & Crossdressing

An Understanding

Transvestites ‘dress’ for numerous reasons. Some feel the strong need to express femininity while others might crossdress for artistic expression or erotic enjoyment. However, most people who crossdress generally have no intention of changing their bodies through hormones or surgeries. TENI strives to provide a safe and supportive environment for transvestites (TVs) and their partners as these experiences are part of the trans umbrella.

Transvestite and Crossdressing

A transvestite is a person who wears clothing, accessories, jewellery or make-up not traditionally or stereotypically associated with their assigned sex. This generally refers to a male to female transgender person who wants to live “dual role”.

Support Groups

Belfast Butterfly Club

The Belfast Butterfly Club is a support network for transgender people and their families.

Sí is a website that provides information and reassurance to emerging transvestites and their supporters.

Social Groups

The TH

The TH is a club for transvestites and their admirers.