Thank you for your interest in bringing TENI into your organisation to inform and educate your people about essential issues facing the community and to bring increased awareness around key topics.

We provide specialised training to the education, corporate, healthcare, and non-profit sectors. TENI training sessions introduce transgender identities, experiences, and the landscape of transgender rights in Ireland. Each session is tailored to the audience and context and can be adapted to all knowledge levels.

Our gold-standard initial training session covers language and terminology use; what being transgender can mean in Ireland – names and pronouns, Irish legislation, healthcare access in Ireland; and build skills and confidence around allyship and inclusion. We recommend this training session for any organisation, service, non-profit or community organisation working with transgender people or seeking to upskill!

Healthcare sector trainings are further specialised to medical and clinical settings and aim to support clinicians in delivering quality care to transgender patients. These training sessions are tailored to mental health, sexual health, radiology, and general health practitioners.

University/Adult Education training sessions explore recent research into the experiences of transgender students in Irish universities and colleges, and how those spaces can support transgender students and staff.

Workplace and Corporate sector training sessions explore the experiences of transgender people within the workplace and delve into how workplaces can build safe and supportive environments. We also offer HR/Management training sessions that explore inclusion policies, workplace relations, anti-bullying and supporting colleagues transition in the workplace.

Our sport training session aims to support sports clubs and sporting organisations to build safe and inclusive environments for trans people to participate in sport. This session explores the realities of transgender participation in sport and provides evidence-based backing for the safe inclusion of transgender people in sports.

Training for Schools and Organisations Working with Young People
We offer training sessions for teachers and staff at primary and post-primary level. These sessions are tailored specifically to the experiences of young trans people in Ireland and explore the support needs of trans youth and the roles and responsibilities of the school or youth organisation. The session provides practical information on developing a transition support plan and working to support families in transition. These sessions also include teaching and learning resources to support teachers in the classroom.

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