Our Vision

Our vision is a world where all people, regardless of gender identity or expression, enjoy full acceptance, equality and human rights. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the rights and equality, and improve the lives of trans people and their families. 

Our Organisation

TENI is a non-profit member-driven organisation, founded in 2006 and registered as a company limited by guarantee in February 2010. The governance is provided by a volunteer Board and operations are led by the Chief Executive and staff. Community engagement is an essential part of TENI’s identity and our mandate is based on a substantial membership, which elects the Board and is involved in long-term strategic planning.

"Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) seeks to improve conditions and advance the rights and equality of trans people and their families."


Despite significant progress in the past years, Ireland remains a place where it is difficult for trans people to lead safe, healthy and integrated lives. TENI is dedicated to ending transphobia, including stigma, discrimination and inequality. TENI engages in activities that promote the equality and well-being of trans people in Ireland. We work nationally in four main areas: healthcare, employment, education and legislation. There are three strands to our work.


We advocate across legal, medical, societal and political structures to ensure that policy development and legislative reform reflects the positive recognition of trans inclusion, rights and equality.


We provide workshops and trainings that increase awareness, understanding and inclusion of trans issues across key sectors of Irish society.


We offer a range of support services that aim to increase the well-being of trans people and their families by providing support that mitigates common experiences of isolation, misunderstanding and exclusion.