Becoming A TENI Member

Why should you become a member of TENI?

TENI members not only support us in the important work we do,  they also have a voice at our General Assembly.  Members can run for and vote in Board elections.  We keep members regularly updated on our work, events and volunteer opportunities.

  • The Gender Recognition Act does not allow non-binary people or under-16s to be legally recognised.  Intersex people and 16 and 17-year-olds are also not meaningfully included.  By joining TENI you will be help us to continue the fight for legal recognition for every member of our diverse community.
  • The Irish healthcare system can be frustrating to navigate as a trans person.  Waiting lists for gender affirming healthcare are far too long.  TENI works with the HSE to make their services trans inclusive.  Thanks in large part to TENI’s work and advocacy, last year the HSE committed to hiring nine new personnel to work in this area.  Becoming a member of TENI will support us in our ongoing campaign for better healthcare for trans people.
  • TENI supports more and more young people in schools each year.  By becoming a TENI member you help us to ensure that schools across Ireland are trans inclusive and that young trans people have the best possible educational outcomes.
  • We know that one in four trans people in Ireland are unemployed and actively seeking work.  By joining TENI you will assist us in making workplaces and recruitment practices more trans friendly.
  • Peer support is crucial for trans people and their families.  Our members help to ensure that these vital spaces are facilitated across the country.

What happens when you join?

  • You will have a voice at the General Assembly.
  • You can vote in TENI Board elections.
  • You become eligible to run for election to the Board of Directors.
  • You receive regular updates on events and volunteer opportunities.
  • You will get your TENI membership card with your personalised membership number. Depending on your membership package you will also be entitled to added perks such as badges, stickers, t-shirts, tote bags, etc.