TENI statement on audited accounts

TENI statement on audited accounts

TENI is aware of the concerns that have been raised around the filing of our audited accounts for 2021. We also know that the trans community as a whole has come under increased scrutiny recently and so we wanted to provide some information to the community on the actions that we are taking to ensure we can continue to provide our services.

TENI through our auditor is proceeding with the filing of our annual financial statements for 2021. These will be filed before the Companies Registry Office deadline which is the 25th of November 2022. We submitted these to the HSE on Friday the 21st of October and have published our accounts for the past 4 years on our website. Alongside sending our accounts, we have also sent the HSE our plan to strengthen our governance processes. TENI will be prioritising the resourcing of our finance function and reporting in 2023.

TENI is still in a period of change. We are strengthening our board and looking to external experts for support. We will ensure that we focus on the improvement of our processes and structures in order to best serve the trans community into the future.

TENI’s work for the trans community continues despite our difficulties over the past number of years. We have provided training to thousands of healthcare and education professionals, supported employers to become trans-friendly and supported peer groups for trans people and their families across Ireland. We know that we need to communicate more about the work we are doing, and we are looking at ways that the community can get involved and receive regular updates on our work.

As we move toward the end of 2022 and into 2023 we are refocusing on our Strategic Plan and ensuring that this is further progressed going forward.

We know that we need to make improvements in how we operate as an organisation. We intend to spend much of the immediate future listening to our community to ensure that we are serving them as best as we can. We would like to hear feedback from the trans community about how they would like to see TENI improve – you can get in touch with us at feedback@teni.ie.

TENI is a non-profit organisation and we rely on our supporters to continue our work. Please consider contributing to our Annual Donation Drive or share our posts on social media.