Have Your Say! Become A TENI Member

Have Your Say! Become A TENI Member

TENI has always been run by and for the community. Community engagement is an essential part of our identity. By becoming a TENI member, you are helping us to build a vibrant and sustainable trans community in Ireland. To vote or run in the 2023 Board elections you must be a current member of TENI.

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TENI membership not only supports us in the important work we do, it also gives you a voice at our General Assembly. Members can run for and vote in Board elections. We keep members regularly updated on our work, our events and volunteer opportunities.

  • The Gender Recognition Act does not allow intersex, non-binary people or under-16s to be legally recognised. 16 and 17-year-olds are also not meaningfully included. Many of these issues were highlighted in the 2018 review of the act which we participated in. However most of its recommendations are still yet to be implemented. Your membership will help us continue to fight for legal recognition for everyone in our diverse community.
  • The Irish healthcare system can be frustrating to navigate as a trans person. TENI works with the HSE and medical staff to make all health services trans inclusive. Gender affirming healthcare for children and adolescents collapsed in Ireland in January 2021 and the waiting list for adults is now estimated to be over seven years long and in danger of being closed. Some trans people, including those who are neurodiverse are also being unfairly denied healthcare or having their healthcare restricted or delayed. Last year we met with the Ministers for Health and Equality to highlight these issues and more. Your membership will support us in our campaign for better healthcare for trans people.
  • The model of gender affirming care that exists in Ireland is also not fit for purpose. The quality of care given has also been highlighted by Transgender Europe as being the worst in the EU. We will continue to advocate for primary healthcare in the community based on informed consent, scientific research and international best practice, the restoration of child and adolescent services and for surgeries to be made available here in Ireland. Help us to push for the depathologisation of trans identities as stipulated by the World Health Organisation as we work towards hosting the European Professional Association for Transgender Health Conference in Killarney in 2013.
  • TENI supports more and more young people in primary, secondary and third level education. Our members will help us to ensure that schools, colleges and universities across Ireland are trans inclusive, that young trans people have the best possible educational outcomes and implement LGBT+ inclusive sex education.
  • We know that one in four trans people in Ireland are unemployed and actively seeking work. By becoming a TENI member you assist us in making workplaces and recruitment practices and policies more trans inclusive.
  • Peer support is crucial for trans people and their families. Our members ensure that these vital spaces are facilitated across the country.

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TENI is a community-driven organisation and we rely on our members. We want you to have your say! Click here to become a member.

Member Rights

Membership provides you with:

  • TENI membership card with your personalised membership number. 
  • Depending on your membership package you will also be entitled to added perks such as badges, stickers, t-shirts, tote bags, etc.
  • A voice at the General Assembly.  
  • A vote in the elections or ratification of new members of the Board of Directors.
  • Eligibility to run for election to the Board of Directors.
  • Regular updates on events or volunteer opportunities.  

Member Responsibilities

In choosing to be a member of TENI, you are indicating your support of TENI’s vision, mission and approach. Read more here.

You must read and agree to TENI’s Terms and Conditions of membership here.

Membership Fees

We have several exciting membership packages to choose from this year:

Bronze Membership Package

€5 (Annual membership, TENI membership card and badge).

Silver Membership Package

€10 (Annual membership, TENI membership card, badge and limited edition keyring).  

Gold Membership Package

€25 (Annual membership, TENI membership card, badge, limited edition keyring and limited edition t-shirt). 

Platinum Membership Package

€100 (Ten year membership, TENI membership card, badge, limited edition keyring and limited edition t-shirt).

All membership packages are valid until December 31st 2023 (with the exception of Platinum Membership Packages).

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