Set of pin buttons from TENI Family Support Service

Set of pin buttons from TENI Family Support Service


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These pins were all designed by members of our Family Support Service.

The Knot was designed by Laura. Laura said of her design “It is a symbol that comes from the old Gaelic word daire (Modern Irish doire), which means ‘Oak Tree’. The Celts saw the oak as a symbol of wisdom and strength. They also believed that it held the spirits of their ancestors which is why it’s one of the more popular Celtic symbols for family”.

Symbols was designed by a 14 year old girl who is a member of the TENI family support network.

Hands was designed by Darragh (he/him), aged 11. Darragh used his own handprint in the design.

The Face was designed by Alfie (they/he), aged 15.

The Music Notes were designed by Alok (they/them), aged 12. Alok said “when I think of pride happiness and just being queer and happy with who you are I think of music because there are so many different types of music and there are so many different ways to be queer”.

• They come in a set of 5
• Made of tinplate
• Scratch and UV-resistant mylar coating
• Glossy finish
• Easy to put on

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