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Help us map hate crimes and incidents in 2018

Have you suffered abuse because of how you express your gender?

Inside your home, in your office, on the street — if someone calls you names, threatens or physically assaults you because of your gender expression or gender identity, it is a Hate Crime. It matters.

Help us to map Hate Crime in Ireland. It’s safe and anonymous. You can record an incident in three ways:

Together, we can help to change our society.

You don’t have to be trans to experience transphobia.

About STAD

TENI launched the Stop Transphobia and Discrimination (STAD) campaign in 2013. Using data provided by people like you, TENI raises awareness among key stakeholders such as An Garda Síochána about the existence of transphobic hate crime. We lobby the government for hate crime legislation and resources to address this divisive social problem.

This project was initially made possible through funding from ILGA-Europe.




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