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03 AUG 2017

Join #TeamTENI Today: 2017 Membership Closes 7th August

We've come a long way in the last 11 years, but there's still a lot to do. Without the support of our members we cannot achieve positive change for Ireland's trans community. We need your help to continue our important work in the areas of education, healthcare, employment and so much more.

TENI 2017 membership will close on 7th August. We ask that if you're not already a member, please join today. If you are already a member, encourage your family, friends and neighbours to join and help us in our campaign for equality. Anyone who wishes to run for our Board or to vote in Board elections at this year's General Assembly must be a TENI member. You can join here. Membership starts from as little as €5.

On 24th June, we welcomed our biggest ever delegation to Dublin LGBTQ Pride. From the Pride stage, TENI board member (and part time hero) Alex Lawson spoke of the importance of our community and the many challenges we still face today. He talked about the work we're doing to build an Ireland which welcomes all trans people. Join TENI today and help us to make this Ireland a reality.

You can read Alex's speech in full below:


"Pride began as a protest. Whether you’re thinking about the Stonewall Riots or Declan Flynn’s Fairview, our community stood up and said enough is enough.

Pride began as a necessity. Whether you’re thinking about the decriminalisation of homosexuality or the crusade for gender recognition, our community stood up and said we deserve this.

Pride began as a struggle. Whether you’re thinking about Senator David Norris or Dr Lydia Foy, our diverse community said we are here.

In a society that tells you that you are “less than”, being proud of yourself is a revolutionary act. So today, I am proud.

I am a proud trans man and I am saying that our struggle continues. It is still necessary. This is still a protest.

In 1993, when homosexuality was decriminalised, our community called for action on the HIV crisis and was quick to demand recognition of same-sex partnerships.

In 2015, Ireland said ‘Yes!’ to marriage equality and we secured gender recognition for binary trans adults. Some members of our community are wondering what’s  next.

Trans people in Ireland still don’t have a clear recognised healthcare pathway. TENI is working towards real and proper healthcare for trans people in Ireland. Trans people in schools and workplaces face seriously high levels of discrimination. We are committed to making schools and workplaces more inclusive. Trans people under 16 and non-binary people are excluded from the current Gender Recognition Act. They are invisible to the state – in a limbo of non-existence. We are lobbying for gender recognition for under 16s and for those with non-binary identities.
Pride is about solidarity, a showing of strength alongside the vulnerable members of our community – the marginalised within the marginalised. So, look around you. Pay heed to our trans community. Notice our siblings facing homelessness and those in direct provision. Get to know our Traveller and Roma siblings. Recognise our LGBTQ siblings of colour. Acknowledge those with mental health difficulties. Understand those without access to reproductive healthcare. 

To everyone else who feels unseen – TENI sees you. We’re here for you. We stand with the excluded and the marginalised and the erased. TENI are asking that you join us.
The T in LGBT has been silent for too long.

It’s time for solidarity to mean something. It’s time to come together and act."

Come together and join #teamTENI today!


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